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Owning and working on a car or if DIY is you’re thing a good set of power tools are going to be high on your agenda of purchases. This so that the  many hours you spend tinkering away at home are the most enjoyable and productive.

You might even be wondering which power tools you’ll need to buy for your man or woman-shed, come to us here at AutoAdvisor. We’ve got all the know-how and quite a few of the tools you’ll need.

Sort out your storage first

It’s the right thing to do! Kielder’s Wall-mounted Universal Tool Holder is a handy piece of kit that’ll accept most brands and types of power tools, as well as providing a useful shelf for longer tools like saws or angle-grinders. It’s got pre-fitted lugs for chargers and is also pre-drilled, so it’s easy to fix it to your wall or pegboard.

Drill or impact driver? Why not get both?

AutoAdvisor has a good range of drills, including the Kielder 13mm Combi Drill, which is great for use on masonry and brickwork. This drill combines drilling with a high-frequency hammer action, so it’ll make putting up those shelves nice and easy.

There’s also a selection of Kielder impact drivers to choose from, starting from 200Nm and going all the way up to 700Nm for those really tough nuts. The 200Nm and 220Nm impact drivers are ideal for occasional use by a DIY fan, with the 700Nm driver being more suitable for a professional or serious amateur mechanic.

Everyone needs an angle-grinder, right?

Whether you’re grinding off rust patches or cutting through paving slabs, using an angle-grinder makes very short work of these tasks. AutoAdvisor has the Kielder 115mm Angle-grinder, which offers 15-20 minutes of powerful performance on a single battery charge.

Alternatively, there’s the mains-powered Hikoki 115mm Angle-grinder which doesn’t need charging but which might offer less flexibility and portability than a cordless model.

Powertools are always hungry

While they’re incredibly useful to have around the place, powertools do need a lot of charging and so you might want to invest in a couple of Kielder Type 18 batteries, as well as a Type 18 charger. These accessories are compatible with most Kielder tools and the charger can be screw-mounted to either a wall or to a flat surface for extra stability.

The batteries are either 5.0Ah or 4.0Ah and they’ll hold a charge for up to 12 months, with no effect on the battery’s “memory” if there’s a partial charge-up.

If you’re not sure which tool or accessory is best for you and your needs, you can always give us a call to talk through your options before ordering your handy new friend.