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The Ford Motor Company, one of the best-known car manufacturers in the world, was founded in Detroit in 1903 by Henry Ford and his son Edsel. The first factory, or facility, was based on Mack Avenue in Detroit, which became known as Motor City over the next few decades.

The company was the first car maker to mass-produce cars and to make them affordable for the average individual or family. Ford introduced the use of the factory production line and the conveyor belt to make building cars faster and more efficient, which also made the cars cheaper.

The Ford Fiesta hatchback was debuted in 1976 in the US and has since gone on to become the most popular car in the UK. In 2019, almost 250,000 UK drivers set off in new Ford Fiestas and the company has a 10% share in the UK car market.

With so many Ford Fiestas (as well as other Ford cars) on the roads in the UK, drivers like you won’t be short of Ford car repair garages near you. However, finding the most competitive quotes can be difficult, especially if you need some work doing in a hurry.

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Every one of the garages and mechanics we work with have all the skills and know-how to take care of your Ford car, whether it’s repairs, a routine service or an MOT you need.

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We offer Ford drivers like you a simple, easy-to-use service which will bring accurate, transparent and no-obligation quotes straight to you. With AutoAdvisor, you don’t have to spend ages ringing around garages to find a Ford specialist, they’ll come to you instead.

Our service is free and your quotes are no-obligation, so if you decide to go with another Ford repair shop, you can do so without any fees.

No matter which model your Ford is, AutoAdvisor will find you attractive and competitive quotes from expert Ford auto repair garages local to you.

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Once your quotes have all arrived into your portal, you can compare them when you’re ready, before contacting your preferred provider to carry out the work. Each garage prepares and submits its own quotes to you.

The quotes carry no obligation whatsoever, so if you decide not to approach any of our recommended partners then you don’t have to. The service is also 100% free, so all you have to do is to pay the garage directly once the work is done.

Finding a Ford service in the UK just got easier

There are so many Ford garages out there, so it can be frustrating and confusing to approach all of your local ones to find the most competitive deal for your service or repairs. AutoAdvisor takes the hard work out of it, allowing you to find the best quotes from the comfort of your own sofa.

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