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Audi cars are among some of the most recognisable vehicles on the UK roads and the German company has a UK market share of around 6%. Audi was founded in 1932 by August Horch, but Horch had to remove his surname from the company name due to copyright issues. As ‘horch’ means ‘to hear’ in German, August decided to swap over to ‘to hear’ in Latin, which is ‘Audi’.

Although it’s now known for luxury, Audi has also been known for speed. In 1938, an Auto Union (a previous name for Audi) race-car managed to top 268mph during a race in Germany. The V16 Auto Union Type-C car clocked 268.4mph, driven by Bernd Rosemeyer.

Audi has always valued safety, as it’s been performing crash tests for almost 80 years. However, these first tests were primitive compared to today’s tests, which involve slow-motion cameras and dummies. Instead of high-tech equipment and methods, engineers started these tests by simply rolling (unoccupied) cars down hills to see what happened!

If you’re lucky enough to own an Audi R8, you’ll be reassured to know that only the most talented and experienced factory operatives have built it. The Audi factory produces at the most 20 R8 models each day and only the most trusted employees get to work on this production line.

If you’re looking for an Audi repair shop or centre, AutoAdvisor can help you to find the best one near you.

Whether you’re fantasising about an R8, or your real one needs a tune-up, or your A3 needs a repair, AutoAdvisor can find the best Audi garage services near you.

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Here at AutoAdvisor, we offer Audi drivers like you a no-obligation service which brings the most accurate, transparent and competitive quotes from repair garages local to you.

Using our special online portal, you’ll be able to look through quotes from local Audi car specialist garages and pick out your preferred one. Once you’ve decided which centre or provider you’re going with, you contact them directly. There’s also no obligation for you to choose one of our recommended service partners if you don’t want to, however.


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You only need to follow a few steps to receive your bespoke quotes from our wide network of professional Audi specialists. These quotes are unique to you and your needs as you’ll be describing the problem or explaining which routine service procedure you’re looking for.

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One of the biggest frustrations involved in looking for a garage is the phoning around you often have to do before finding someone who can help you. AutoAdvisor brings the quotes to you and you can review them in your own time. This makes looking for an Audi car service in the UK much easier – and probably cheaper!

The best thing about the AutoAdvisor service is that it’s free to you. You simply pay the garage you take your Audi to once the work is done. It’s also useful to know exactly who will be working on your car as each of the garages compiles and uploads its own quotes to the portal.

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Audis can be expensive cars to maintain and repair, so being able to find the best quotes from reliable garages and mechanics from the comfort of your own home makes life so much easier.

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