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One of the main bugbears for motorists is finding your car battery is suddenly flat. This could be because you left one of your lights on overnight, or maybe your battery isn’t holding its chargelike it used to and needs to be replaced.

One solution that isn’t adopted as widely as it should be is to have a portable battery charger on hand. If you’re plagued by cold starts in winter, for example, then having all-rounder charger like the Ring 8A 12V charger in your garage or in your car boot can save the day. This lightweight charger is ideal for standard battery charging and is very user-friendly.

Another good reason to have a battery charger in your boot is to help other motorists stranded by a flat. Always make sure you have jump leads as well, of course. Some chargers, such as the GYS Batium 7.12 even 50% shorter charge time compared to a traditional charger.


Looking after your car battery when you’re not driving

If you’re storing your car away for a few weeks or months, then a trickle charger like the GYS Artic 8000 can maintain the right level of charge in your battery for as long as you need it to. This tiny smart charger monitors your battery and gives it a quick boost whenever necessary so that your wheels are ready to go when you are. If you tend to make frequent and shorter journeys, chargers like these can maintain your battery’s optimum levels.

For the more eco-conscious among us (and we hope that’s most of us…) there’s the Ring Solar Maintainer trickle charger. This 12V charger is best used on 12V vehicle or leisure batteries, such as the ones you’ll find in camper vans or classic cars. The good news for UK motorists is that this charger even works on overcast days!

Heavy-duty battery chargers

If you’re a several-car household, or you have a range of vehicles with different batteries, then you’ll need the next level of chargers. Ring has a range of smart chargers that can assess, monitor and deliver the right type and level of charge to the various types of batteries used in the UK.

The 12V 2-25A Programmable Eight Stage Battery Smart Charger has different chemistry settings so that you can adapt the function to the battery for the swiftest and most optimal charge. This unit is especially handy when your car is connected to appliances but isn’t running the engine.

As ever, AutoAdvisor is here to help you to pick out the best sort of battery charger for your individual needs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for great advice and customer service.