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UK motorists are increasingly using dash cameras, or dashcams, to record their journeys in case they need to use the footage as evidence after an accident or other event.

There are a few reasons for investing in a dashcam and AutoAdvisor has a range of cameras for you to choose from, so if you need any help deciding which is your best option, give us a call.

A dashcam can lower your insurance premiums

Lots of UK car insurance providers will offer you lower premiums if you have a dash camera, even if it’s an entry-level model like the Ring Mini HD.  You’re more likely to drive more carefully yourself if you’re on camera and if you need to make a claim against another driver you have more evidence to support it.

Your dashcam can support and speed up your insurance claim

In some cases, there are no independent witnesses and sometimes both drivers will protest their innocence. In situations like these, insurers often adopt a “knock for knock” approach, in which each insurer pays for the damage to their respective customer and the claim is settled. Dashcam systems with a rear-view camera, such as the Ring Dual Channel Rear Camera, can offer you an all-round view of your car, which should cover most eventualities.

If at least one driver has dashcam footage, then insurers can find out who, if anyone, was actually at fault or if it is a “knock for knock” accident. If there was no actual accident and your car was damaged by falling debris while parked and unoccupied, for example, your dashcam may well record this happening, helping your claim.

Dashcams can help to prevent fraud

Most UK drivers have heard of the “crash for cash” scam in which the driver in front suddenly brakes and the driver behind can’t avoid crashing into their rear end, leading to a potentially lucrative insurance claim.

If you’re the victim of this scam, your dashcam could reveal that the driver in front of you had no reason to brake suddenly, protecting you against these fraudsters.

Your dashcam could mean extra security

Unfortunately, car break-ins aren’t uncommon in the UK, so if you can collect evidence of thieves smashing windows, ramming your vehicle or driving off in it, this helps the police to track them down. Some dashcams, like the Trade Pro2 Dashcam GPS, have impact sensors, so they’ll start recording in the event of a collision or impact even if the engine isn’t running.

Your dashcam could help to catch bad drivers

Reckless drivers are a public menace and when you’re having to swerve out of the way of someone speeding or running a red light, you don’t have time to take down their number plates. Your dashcam may well capture it, and some of the UK’s police forces have online platforms where you can upload your footage of careless driving for examination.