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Your wheels are vital to you staying on the road and staying on the road in safety. Whether you have bald treads on your tyres, tracking problems, dodgy bearings or scruffy alloys, AutoAdvisor can help you to find the right garages in your area to deal with your problems.

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More about tyres and wheels

Most drivers will face a burst tyre or a damages wheel at some point in their driving career. Changing a tyre or wheel is one of the easiest jobs a garage can do, which is good news. Most tyre problems are caused by nail punctures, by hitting a kerb or pothole at speed, or by general wear and tear.

Spotting the signs of wheel damage

The things to look out for include:

  • Bulges in the sidewalls of the tyre
  • Visible rust, dents, deflation or leakage
  • Failure of the axle or suspension, and
  • Any suspicious vibrations coming from the tyres.

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Changing your tyre

You can change your tyre yourself, but you need to bear in mind several vital safety aspects.

You should:

  • Never change your tyre close to traffic or on the hard shoulder of a motorway
  • Never change a tyre on uneven ground
  • Never change a tyre with passengers in the vehicle
  • Never go underneath your car while it’s raised by the jack
  • Only use your jack on the right points
  • Always read your owner manual
  • Have a jack in your car
  • Keep your car raised on the jack for as short a time as possible
  • Cut off the engine and turn the hazard lights on, and
  • Engage the handbrake.

If your car has a spare wheel, it’s likely to be one that’s designed for temporary use – a so-called “skinny spare”. These are designed to get you to a garage or another nearby destination and are usually limited to 50mph.

You might find that your dashboard warning lights will activate if you’re using a skinny spare and also that your ABS, some automatic gearboxes and your traction control won’t work with one of these temporary spares.

You should head to a garage as soon as possible!!

Your skinny spare is functional, but you’re unable to drive at more than 50mph with it and your metallic wheel isn’t as cushioned from the hard roads as it is with a “proper” tyre. You need a new tyre!

Lots of garages repair wheels and replace tyres

If you have damaged tyres or cracked wheels then it’s vital that you have them replaced or repaired as soon as possible so that you can drive safely and also avoid further damage to other parts of your car.

Lots of garages offer pothole damage repair services (as it’s a common issue in the UK), as well as straightening bent wheels and improving wheel alignment.

AutoAdvisor takes the guesswork out of finding a good local garage

One of the biggest frustrations involved with car repairs is finding a reliable mechanic or garage that will do excellent work for a fair price. AutoAdvisor can help you to find the best quotes in your area by bringing them straight to you through our huge UK network of garages and mobile mechanics.

It’s easy to use our service to find your free, no-obligation quotes. You simply create your account, enter your car registration number and details of your location and the problem your car’s having and let us do the rest.

We’ll send you a selection of the best quotes, direct from the garages themselves, so that you can pick out the one you like the most. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use another garage entirely, that’s fine and you’re welcome to use AutoAdvisor at any time in the future.

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