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Mobile mechanics offer a car repair service that can fit in with your schedule better than a visit to a local garage. Mobile mechanics can come to your home or workplace, often at short notice, to carry out competitively-priced repairs. Sometimes a mobile mechanic will come to collect your vehicle for repairs at a garage and then return it to you.

Whether it’s an MOT, repairs, oil changes or just a jump start, a mobile mechanic can usually help. Before you choose a mechanic, you should check out their prices and reviews from previous customers to make sure you’re getting the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can mobile mechanics carry out all repairs?

Mobile mechanics can perform most types of repair, including Cambelts changes, brake repairs and general servicing. Some offer the more heavy-duty services like clutch repair.

Is a mobile mechanic cheaper than a fixed garage?

Very often, yes. This is because they don’t have the same overheads as a fixed garage. It’s important to check to check reviews before booking, however, to make sure that the mechanic has a good reputation.

What if I need something that the mobile mechanic can’t do?

The chances are that your mechanic works in partnership with a fixed garage where they do more complex or heavy-duty work.

What do mobile mechanics cost?

Mobile mechanics will charge for parts and labour, just like fixed garages, but as they don’t have the same overheads, they’re often cheaper. You may have to factor in travel, but your mechanic will indicate this in their quote.

Must I be at home for the repair?

Not necessarily. The big advantage of a mobile service is that it’s more convenient for the customer. You can arrange to drop off the keys with the mechanic and then go out for the day.

Can a mobile mechanic really replace a clutch?

Not all can, but if your chosen mechanic says they can, then there’s no reason to doubt it! Some clutches are easy to get too, while some need more work. Your mechanic will advise you.

Can mobile mechanics do MOTs?

Some can and do, This usually involves taking the vehicle to an MOT bay and delivering it back to you. This can be expensive, however, so not all mobile mechanics offer MOTs. AutoAdvisor can certainly help you to find a good MOT provider.

Are mobile mechanics trustworthy?

Mostly, yes. However, you need to make sure they have insurance and decent reviews. AutoAdvisor only partners with reliable mechanics and garages that have good reputations and use OE parts so any repairs and replacements are covered by manufacturer warranty.

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More about mobile mechanics

These mechanics operate from a van rather than a garage, although they’re often associated with a fixed garage. Their mobility means more convenience for you as they can do the work on your drive or at your workplace. If necessary, they can transport your car to a garage for more serious jobs.

One reason people worry about mobile mechanics is that they fear they’ll do shoddy work and then disappear, leaving customers with no recourse. This isn’t the case with many mobile mechanics as they’re often allied to a fixed garage and, these days, have online reviews and a reputation to think of. AutoAdvisor can get you straight to the most qualified, reliable and skilled mobile mechanics with just a few keystrokes.

Cheaper, but not cheap

Owning and operating a fixed garage is costly, which is reflected in the price. Mobile mechanics don’t have these overheads so most of the time they’re cheaper. If your job involves a lot of travelling, however, this will bump up your costs.

What can mobile mechanics do?

Brake pads and discs

These are some of the most frequent mobile repairs and they’re easy to carry out.

Clutch repairs

Some mobile mechanics offer clutch repairs, but as it can be a lengthy process with some makes and models, your mechanic might refer you to a fixed garage instead.

Full services

Another popular option for mobile mechanics, a full service is easy to perform at your home or workplace. This often includes an oil top-up and filter replacement.

Cambelt change

Lots of mobile mechanics can perform cambelt changes, just look for them on AutoAdvisor.

Paint repairs

Lots of mobile mechanics can carry out minor to moderate paintjob repairs. For more extensive bodywork, you may need a fixed garage.

Tyre changes

Changing tyres is one of the simplest jobs for a mobile mechanic. Make sure you know your tyre size before asking for a quote on AutoAdvisor.

Battery changes

Another easy job. Many mechanics will supply a new battery as well as fit it, if you don’t have one already.

Electrical problems

Mobile mechanics can diagnose and fix many electrical faults. In the event that your mobile mechanic can’t help you, they’ll usually refer you to someone who can.

The advantages of mobile mechanics

As well as being cheaper and more flexible than fixed garages, mobile mechanics can come out to you if you’re somewhere inaccessible or if your vehicle isn’t safe to drive.

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