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If you suddenly find your car battery isn’t charging or your lights are dimming when you speed up, you may well have a problem with your alternator. 

Your alternator is an essential component of your car as it keeps the battery charged and you won’t be going anywhere with a flat battery!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the alternator?

Your alternator keeps your car’s battery charged. As your battery powers your spark plugs, the starter motor, the lights and other electrics, as well as your power steering, it needs to stay on form.

What are the common signs of alternator problems?

You may see the low battery lights flashing a lot, or you may have flickering or fading headlights and interior lights. You might also notice a whining noise from under the bonnet.

Can I test for alternator problems?

Yes, by performing the headlight test. Park up with your headlights on, or run in neutral, and rev your engine. If the lights dim, it could point to an alternator problem. Your garage will be able to diagnose it further, but this test is a good starting point.

What happens if my alternator fails?

If it fails completely, your battery won’t charge and you won’t be able to start or run your car.

What are common alternator problems?

Your alternator is essentially a small generator. your engine causes it to spin and the spinning motion generates electricity. The most common issue with a alternator is the brushes wearing down. The brushes are the components that keep electrical contact with the alternator. The other common problem is a failed voltage regulator which converts and sends power to the battery at the right voltage.

What do alternator repairs cost?

You can have your alternator rebuilt, but its not much cheaper than a replacement. On average you can expect to pay £150 to £200, although AutoAdvisor may be able to find you some good deals from local garages.

When should you change your alternator?

No car components last forever, so here are the signs that your alternator is reaching the end.

1. Your alternator warning light starts to flash, even if it’s intermittent.
2. Your lights suddenly dim, or, occasionally brighten.
3. Your speedometer stops working.
4. There’s a whining or growling sound before the alternator fails.
5. You might smell burning rubber or hot metal.

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More about the alternator

Your alternator is a mini generator which powers the battery, which in turn powers the electrical systems in your car. When your engine’s running, your alternator is at work charging the battery and also supplying extra power for your car’s various electrical systems.

Your alternator is connected to your engine and is driven by the drive belt. It’s vital to keep it in good repair if you want your car to run properly – or at all!

If your alternator fails, as soon as your battery runs out of its residual power, you won’t be able to start your starter motor to start your engine…

Sometimes you might need your starter motor fixing alongside your alternator to save time and money. If it’s been badly damaged by a faulty alternator, it may need to be replaced.

Replacing your alternator can be expensive

Your alternator will last for around 10 years, but once it fails, you’ll need to replace it. This can be expensive, but by using AutoAdvisor’s service, you can find the best quotes from local mechanics and garages.

Reconditioned alternators can be a bit cheaper

Reconditioned alternators have been repaired by parts repair engineers and can be used to replace a failed alternator. They’re a bit cheaper than new ones, but you may get more mileage out of brand-new one.

Finding your best alternator deals

As alternators can be expensive to replace, it’s important to find the most competitively-priced garage or mechanic in your area. AutoAdvisor has a UK-wide network and you can tap into this by setting up a free account with us.

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