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Customer Leads to your mail box or digital device with NO monthly fees or commissions

Why Join The AutoAdvisor Free Leads Network

AutoAdvisor is designed for the trade, by the trade. We have over 30 years’ experience within the car industry and our sister Company being a Motor Factor. We thought it was about time Garages and Mobile Mechanics stopped paying for their job leads as they are our customers and we all win by increasing business. 

We connect Garages with customers who are looking for good local garages to repair or maintain their vehicle. Our member Garages get quote requests directly to their mail box or smart phone. Garages can join for free with no monthly fees or commissions.

In order to support us in offering this free service to garages and customers please consider buying your tools and accessories from the wide range available on our AutoAdvisor SHOP. All at very competitive prices.!

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Tech4Techs Technical Data

You can get your Technical Data Subscription with Tech4Techs through AutoAdvisor

Prices starting from only £40.75 +VAT per month!

Delphi On-line E-Learning Training Course Platform

AutoAdvisor offer our own bespoke on-line E-learning Platform packed by Delphi Technologies.

Prices starting at only £25.00 inc VAT per month

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Because we offer a free membership we frequently get asked the following question and like to be totally transparent:

Q: What is the catch how can you be free

A: There is No catch – We offer a totally free Membership to Garages and Mobile Mechanics supplying customer repair leads in the local area. We just ask for your support to consider buying your tools and accessories from the wide range available in our AutoAdvisor SHOP

Free Membership also includes a Payment Assist option for Garages who want to offer customers interest free credit on repairs.

Payment Assist