Garages: Why Sign Up?

AutoAdvisor is designed for the trade, by the trade. We have over 30 years’ experience within the car industry and our sister Company being a Motor Factor, we have hands-on experience of the needs and concerns of both Garages and Mobile Mechanics. 

We connect Garages with customers who are looking for good local garages to repair or maintain their vehicle. Our member Garages get quote requests directly to their mail box or smart phone. Garages can sign up for free with no monthly fees or commissions.

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Because we offer a free membership we frequently get asked the following question and like to be totally transparent:

Q: What is the catch how can you be free

A: There is No catch – We currently offer a totally free subscription to Garages and Mobile Mechanics. This will remain the case however, moving forward there will be an optional premium subscription which offers members lots of additional benefits and discounts for a Monthly fee.

Members will have the choice to upgrade or stay on the free subscription but with the benefits they will receive, we feel the vast majority will upgrade because the membership which will more than pay for itself.

Free Membership includes Payment Assist option for Garages who want to offer customers interest free credit on repairs

Payment Assist