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If your car’s starter motor is completely dead or is only managing a clicking sound, or if it’s turning over in vain, you might need to have your starter motor repaired or replaced.

A failed or faulty starter motor means that you probably can’t even get off your drive, so head to AutoAdvisor to find the best mobile mechanics in your area. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starter motor?

Your starter motor is the component in your car that turns over or cranks the engine to get the car started. This motor is powered by the battery and it needs a lot of energy to combat friction and compression resistance to get that engine going.

How can I tell if my starter motor is failing?

There are some symptoms of a faulty starter motor to look out for:

1. A dull clicking noise when the ignition is turned on
2. Smoke coming from the car bonnet
3. You can see oil all over the starter
4. Your engine refuses to crank up
5. There’s a grinding noise upon start-up

How long does it take to replace a starter motor?

usually it takes between two and four hours to replace a starter motor. The exact time depends on how long it takes to tear down the engine to get access to the component.

Where is the starter motor located?

Most often, the starter motor is underneath the car on the driver’s side, just below the left-side cylinders.

What’s the usual lifespan of a starter motor?

You can expect a starter motor to last for between five and seven years, although there are some that fail before this and others that seem to carry on working just fine for many years.

Why do start motors wear out or break?

Sometimes it’s just wear and tear, as it is will all components. Sometimes there are other cause, including:

1. Faulty or dodgy connections
2. Faulty or failed solenoid switches
3. Wiring problems

Can I jump start my car if the starter motor has gone?

No, because it’s not the amount of battery power that’s the issue, it’s the motor itself. The starter motor needs to be working properly in order to use the battery power.

I think my starter motor has failed me!

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More about your starter motor

As the name suggests, your starter motor is the component that starts everything up. It turns over the car’s internal engine and needs to have enough power to overcome compression resistance and friction. It needs enough power from the battery and to be functioning properly for your wheels to get going.

If you’re having problems with your starter motor then they’ll need to be addressed ASAP as you won’t be able to drive safely – or at all – with them.

The symptoms of a faulty starter motor

Although you can expect your starter motor to last for five to seven years, you might get an early surprise; alternatively, you might have a starter motor that’s lasted beyond its expected lifespan. Either way, it’s important to know what to look out for so you don’t suddenly find you can’t start up.

Watch out for:

  • A dull clicking noise upon trying the ignition
  • The engine refusing to turn over or crank
  • Smoke coming from the car
  • An oil-soaked starter, and
  • Grinding or squealing noises.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should head to a garage to get your starter motor checked over. It’s also a good idea to have your battery and alternator looked at by your mechanic at the same time, as these can cause similar symptoms

Repairing or replacing your starter motor

You need a trained mechanic to repair or replace your starter motor; it’s not something you can do yourself. The work carried out will enable you to get back onto the road safely and effectively and you can expect the process to take two to four hours, so it’s best to plan for a day without your car.

The cost of starter motor repairs

The prices for starter motor repairs and replacements will vary according to the make and model of your car and also whereabouts in the UK you are. You can find the best deals in your area by entering your details into the AutoAdvisor database to receive free, no-obligation quotes that you can review to find your best option.

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