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Your car engine is the thing that makes your car run (you already know this, but…). If your engine isn’t working properly, you won’t be going anywhere, or you’ll be going somewhere while creating a lot of noise and smoke.

Your engine has a lot of moving parts and so it also needs a functioning cooling system, which includes its radiator, its water, fans, water pump, lubricants. There are lots of other components that deal with the heat generated by the friction from the moving parts and it’s vital that your engine maintains a consistent temperature.

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Your cooling system

Your cooling system is complex and so there are lots of things that can go wrong and cause problems. You need a cooling system because a working engine generates a lot of heat, both through the combustion and through the friction from moving parts.

Leaks within the system are a common culprit. Your engine coolant can leak out of a small hole and, very often, the first thing you’ll know about it is a warning light on your dashboard. You may also leak lubricant, which means excessive friction and therefore heat, which can cause problems all through the engine.

If you’ve lost some of your engine oil, there isn’t enough of it to reduce the friction of the moving parts and so heat can build up to dangerous levels.

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Damage to your engine

Damage caused by excessive heat, as well as the cycling between excessive heat and cooling, can cause extra wear and tear and outright damage to your engine components. 

It’s important, if you have damaged or broken components, to use a garage or mechanic that’s trustworthy and that can source the best-quality replacement parts for your engine.

Thankfully, AutoAdvisor has a huge network of reliable garages and mobile mechanics throughout the UK so you can find the best quotes and rates for repairs by simply entering a few details into our database.

Engine parts that often need replacing!

The engine cylinders

Your engine cylinders are at the core of the engine, where they are responsible for moving the pistons up and down to create the movements that move the car.

These cylinders are usually arranged side-by-side in an engine block and are located quite deep within the engine, under other components like the cylinder head, the rocker cover, the timing chain (or cambelt) and lots of parts like nuts and bolts.

The piston rings

The piston rings act as a sliding seal between the inner edge of the cylinder and the outer edge of the piston. These rings prevent the air-fuel mixture from leaking into the sump from the combustion chamber and also stop oil seeping from the sump into the combustion chamber.

If you find you have to top up your oil every 1,000 miles or so, it’s often because these rings are worn and aren’t sealing the system properly.

The pistons

These are cylindrical pieces of metal that move up and down in the cylinder. Pistons can wear out and need replacing after a few years.

The spark plugs

Your sparkplugs ignite the air and fuel mixture inside the engine to cause combustion. These components are critical and they must spark at the right intervals if your car is to start. Spark plugs often fail so mechanics usually check them over as they’re also very easy and cheap to replace.

The engine valves

These components control the intake and release of air and exhaust gases. Combustion can only occur when fuel vapour and air is combined in the right proportions and the valves close when combustion is happening because it’s the pressure that builds up which helps to move the engine.

The crankshafts

The crankshafts of your engine are usually made from steel and they’re below the cylinders and pistons. They convert the pistons’ vertical movement into a rotation which is then transferred to the flywheel and then the transmission. These components have crank pins along their length that line up with the pistons above them.

If you suspect that you have failed or faulty components in your engine and cooling system then you’ll need a good mechanic who you can trust and who will ask a fair price for the work. It’s not always easy to find the right garage or mechanic, so AutoAdvisor can take out the guesswork for you.

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