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The popular South Korean automobile manufacturer, Kia Motors Corporation, has been operating as a car assembly company since 1973. ‘Kia’ was originally founded in May 1944,  with its origins laying in the production of domestic bicycles and later motorcycles. However, the corporation grew to become a key market car producer – expanding to establish sales & marketing divisions in both Europe and America in 1991/92. Currently part of the global Hyundai-Kia Automotive group, Kia has grown to become one of the top 5 largest global vehicle manufacturers – employing approx. 40,000 people worldwide. With its focus on dynamic growth, and leading brand slogan of ‘ The Power to Surprise,’(click for more info) the company continues to places innovation at the cores of all its operations both in homeland South Korea (where it has 3 production plants) and with its continual expansion internationally. With it’s focus on both customer satisfaction and quality, evident in both it’s innovative in-house development of eco-friendly technology, and effort to produce low polluting, fuel efficient and sustainable hybrid/electric vehicles – it’s no wonder that Kia brand-value continues to grow. 

With it’s evident popularity with road-users, it’s no surprise there’s huge demand for Kia servicing and repairs with our customers here at AutoAdvisor. That’s why we aim to make the process of registering and receiving quotes, then selecting the best Kia specialist garage or mechanic for the job , hassle free and easy to execute. 

Our simple 3-step process aims to supply you with trusted local repair & service options – allowing you the freedom of choice! 

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We work with local networks of KIA repair & servicing garages/mechanics ready to help!  

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The trusted specialists we work with are available to provide your bespoke quote whatever the issue! 

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AutoAdvisor ensures receiving your Kia works quotes is easy & efficient – getting you back on the road that much quicker! 

AutoAdvisor provides you with trustworthy quotes- from reliable Kia service providers!

We understand the selecting the right garage or mobile mechanic to carry out any repair/servicing works on your Kia is an important decision. The careful consideration that goes into the decision making process can depend on many factors – with two of the most important being trust & reliability! 

That’s why at AutoAdvisor we ensure that any quote you receive comes from trusted & dependable KIA service providers, and you’ll know you made the right choice in turning to us to help with any & all car related issues. 

Our easy 3-step process allows you to receive the best price quote for Kia repairs and servicing from centres near you! (see our Why Use Us page for more information) . 

Our service offers all our customers vital transparency – It’s important to us!

At AutoAdvisor we’re proud to offer all our Kia customers complete transparency as to exactly which SEAT Servicing & Repair Garage has provided a response in the form of a work’s quote/estimate. By using our service, you’re also guaranteed transparency when it comes to the specific details of services, what’s involved with any necessary repairs – and perhaps most importantly the costs involved!   

We have specifically designed our platform so that any garage/mechanic that responds to your initial enquiry  must directly enter and submit the quote themselves. This ensures that any service-provider who takes on the work has the right availability, parts and experience tailored to your Kia’s needs – and that the specifics (including the total amount due!) are always clearly displayed. Not all websites allow you this same level of up-front openness.  

With us – you will know that whether it’s your town’s Kia specialist garage or a local mobile mechanic, you can be confident of the reliability and quality of the service providers that are offering their services! 

Quality is Key!

AutoAdvisor is pleased to celebrate it’s relationship with OE manufacturers, meaning we’ll always recommend that our Kia specialists use Original Equipment (genuine & quality assured parts). Therefore when/if you decided to accept your bespoke works quote from a local garage of mechanic, AutoAdvisor is best placed to ensure that the ensuing work is undertaken in-line with manufacturer- warranty regulations and using authentic & quality assured components/parts.

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