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What do your coil springs do?

Your coil springs are part of your car’s suspension system and their job is to make sure that your car’s wheels are in enough contact with the road surface to provide control. They also help to absorb the shocks from uneven road surfaces and bumps.

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How do the coil springs work and what are they made of?

Your coil springs are a helical coil of flexible and strengthened steel that are stiff enough to hold the weight of the car and flexible enough to “give” so that you’re not jolted and bounced with every irregularity in the road.

There are two main types of coil spring in use. One has a constant diameter all the way throughout the coil, whereas the other type has a decreasing diameter towards the lower end so that the shock absorption is better. 

How can you tell if there’s a problem with your coil springs?

Usually, you can notice something is amiss with a coil spring as some of the conditions are quite noticeable such as;

You can tell if there’s a problem with one or more of your coil springs if:

  • Your car is noticeably lower on one corner or side
  • You’re veering to one side or your steering is uneven, and
  • Your car rattles, jolts and knocks when you go over bumps or uneven surfaces.

My coil spring has snapped and I need to find a garage to fix it.

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When do you need to replace your coil springs?

You need to have your coil springs in full working condition for safe and effective handling of your car. If you suspect that a coil spring has broken then you need to book into a local garage as soon as possible so that your springs can be examined and, if necessary, replaced. It’s common for the springs on both sides to fail at around the same time, so if one needs to be replaced, you should replace the other one as well.

As your coil springs age, their strength falls and so they’re less able to absorb jolts and shocks, which also means they’re less able to keep your wheels in contact with the road surface. However, as long as both sides are the same age, it’ll be an even deterioration, which is easier to handle. If you replace one side and not the other, you’ll probably have more handling issues as one side will be easier to brake than the other and you could veer, which can be dangerous.

A good mechanic or garage won’t, then, offer to replace just one coil spring, even if your car is fairly new.

Are coil spring replacements a regular thing?

Our roads are more uneven these days and we also have more speed bumps, as well as heavier cars, so coil springs come under more stress than they have done in the past. This makes for more frequent coil spring replacements.

Is there any way for me to preserve my coil springs?

You can’t do much about dodgy roads and speed bumps themselves, but you can take care when driving over them. Driving your car regularly is another good way to keep the springs flexible, so don’t leave your car idle for long.

What happens during a coil spring replacement?

There’ll be slight differences between makes of cars, but the basic procedure is the same. Your mechanic will:

  • Raise up the vehicle and inspect the coil springs and suspension system
  • Replace the front or rear (or both) sets of coil springs if this is necessary, then
  • Check the new springs and the suspension system and take the car for a test drive.

How much does a coil spring replacement cost?

The cost of a coil spring replacement will depend on your make and model of car, as well as where abouts in the UK you are. AutoAdvisor can take out the guesswork usually involved in finding a trustworthy garage or mechanic who’ll do the work for a fair price. 

If you don’t already have an AutoAdvisor account then it’s really easy to set one up. It’s also a free service to drivers and you could have a selection of coil spring repair quotes in your portal within minutes.

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