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Engine Carbon Cleaning what is it? how does it help?

Car engine carbon cleaning is an effective method of cleaning the inside of a vehicle’s engine to remove all the harmful carbon deposits made by a modern car engine.

This advanced technology pumps hydrogen through your air intake system burning the carbon build-up to enhance the performance of the engine in any modern car.

However it is over long periods that your petrol or diesel engine builds up these carbon deposits, this can be in many forms of carbon, tars and gums, etc.

While these are created by the combustion process, they can build up and hinder the performance of an car engine causing bad emissions, blockages and power deficiency in your engine.

Carbon cleaning your engine will first of all remove these carbon deposits and offer lots more benefits to the motorist with increased engine performance. Hence you will receive improved fuel economy and longer engine life.

Many Customers report the benefits are as follows:

Increases Power and Performance

It increased Fuel Efficiency

It Reduces car emissions (MOT failures turned into MOT passes after a clean)

The Use of Car Carbon Cleaning assists with the following.

  • prevention of DPF clogging
  • prevention of and clogging of EGR systems
  • prevention of and clogging of Turbos
  • prevention of and problems associated with excessive exhaust smoke / MOT emissions failures
  • prevention of and clogging of Intake Manifolds
  • prevention of fuel injectors clogging
  • prevention of and unclogging of catalytic converters
  • prevention of intake valve clogging
  • prevention of spark plugs fouling

This Carbon Cleaning system is suitable for all combustion engine and has the proven ability to quickly and safely remove carbon build-up deposits from the whole engine system in just 45-60 minutes.

Therefore for the reasons above, its best to keep on top of this and deal with your engines carbon deposits.

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