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Your water pump is an essential component when it comes to the smooth and safe running of your car. If you’re having problems with your water pump it’s vital that you get to a reliable garage so that you can have the problem diagnosed and the part either repaired or replaced.

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What does the water pump in your car do?

Your water pump is housed in the engine bay and it’s responsible for pumping the mixture of water and coolant (sometimes antifreeze) throughout the cooling system. This mixture must be circulated around the engine whenever it’s in motion so that a safe working temperature is maintained. The pump is most often driven by the engine’s drive belt.

How to tell if your water pump is failing or faulty

There are several signs to look out for that will tell you that your water pump might need some attention, including:

  • Patches of fluid underneath the car, usually nearby the engine
  • Fluid leaking into the engine bay around the area of the pump
  • The car not starting properly, or at all
  • The engine temperature rising significantly above normal or even overheating, and
  • The engine temperature warning light activating.

My water pump is leaking and needs to be replaced!

If your water pump is leaking, it means you are losing vital engine coolant which keeps your engine from boiling over while running! If it continues to leak, you could potentially run the risk of your pump stopping from working which can cause engine failure.


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When do you need to replace your car’s water pump?

Your water pump has several components and these will wear out over time, diminishing the pump’s capacity to work, or causing leaks of coolant. Often, it’s a seal that’s broken, or the rotator, and these issues can lead to insufficient coolant going around the engine, which can cause overheating and potentially serious engine damage.

If you’re experiencing any of the problems or seeing any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, then you need to book into a local garage to have your water pump inspected. If necessary, your mechanic will replace it for you.

It’s also important to bear in mind how old the water pump in your car is, as it will eventually wear out no matter how well you look after it. You should have your pump checked over at least once a year as part of a full service so you can pick up any minor issues before they grow into bigger ones.

How does the mechanic check the water pump?

When you take your car into the garage to have the water pump replaced, your mechanic will first inspect the cooling system and pump to look for visible leaks or damage.

Next, they’ll perform a pressure test on the system to see if there are any invisible leaks or weak spots. 

If any leaks are detected, your mechanic will replace the pump and let you know if any other components need to be replaced or repaired.

Once this work is finished, your mechanic will inspect the cooling system and pump once more, then take the car for a test drive, before making any final adjustments.

What’s the average cost of a water pump replacement?

The exact cost of a water pump replacement depends on the make and model of your car, as well as whereabouts you are in the UK. On average, though, you can expect to pay around £200 for most makes of car in the UK.

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