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If your car is suddenly bouncing or making a knocking noise when you go over bumps, then you might have at least one failing shock absorber. You should head to AutoAdvisor to find the most competitive repair garages in your area so you can ride in comfort once more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shock absorber?

Your shock absorbers prevent your car from bouncing excessively along the road. All roads have bumps, dips and uneven areas so something needs to keep the chassis of the car from bouncing too much and also keeping all four wheels in steady contact with the road.

How do shock absorbers work?

Shock absorbers are essentially oil pumps. A spring-mounted piston moves within an oil-filled cylinder which has small holes cut into it. These holes allow the oil to move in and out of the cylinder, but only slowly, so that the oil offers some resistance to the piston. This resistance, as well as a slight compression in the oil, absorbs the energy coming from the spring.

How can you spot a failing shock absorber?

You’ll really bounce over bumps and you might hear a knocking noise as well.

Can shock absorbers leak?

Although shock absorbers are sealed units, which means that they don’t need any special maintenance or treatment, some oil may escape through the seals over time. Once the oil falls below a certain level, the shock absorber can no longer work effectively.

Do you need to replace shock absorbers in pairs?

If the other shock absorber is in the same condition as its “partner”, then yes. Most garages recommend replacing both sides at once to save you money on labour, but if one side is much better than the other, you might not need to do both.

How much are shock absorbers to replace?

Most often a shock absorber replacement costs around £150, although you can use AutoAdvisor to find the best local deals.

My shock absorbers are leaking and my car is bouncing all over the place!

If you car is bouncy all over the road, then this could cause you to lose control and crash. Therefore it is recommenced to get your faulty shock changed as soon as possible. Follow the 3 easy steps below to receive quotes from garages in your area.


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Shock absorbers aren’t just about comfort

Shock absorbers prevent the car from bouncing around so much that the wheels lose contact with the ground. This means that you have more control when it comes to braking, accelerating and turning, which makes driving safer for you.

Other symptoms of a faulty shock absorber

As well as bouncing over bumps, you may also experience:

  • Uneven tyre wear patterns
  • Fluid from the shock absorber leaking downwards
  • A dipping front end of car when you apply the brakes
  • Longer stopping distances
  • A knocking noise when you go over bumps, and
  • A bouncy, airborne feeling when you’re travelling. 

The costs of shock absorber repairs

While the cost of shock absorber repairs varies with the make and model of car and your location, you can expect to pay around £280 for the replacement of a pair.

Finding a good shock absorber repair deal near you

If you have failing or worn-out shock absorbers then you need to find a local garage or mechanic that will carry out the replacement for a fair price and also to a high standard.

Using AutoAdvisor’s finding service will make this process much easier as we do most of the work for you. All you have to do is fill out your car’s details and your location, as well as describe the problems you’re having and we’ll do the rest.

Once you’ve created your free AutoAdvisor account and given us your information, we’ll bring quotes to you, direct from garages and mechanics in your area. Once you’ve got all your free, no-obligation quotes, you can review them to pick out the one you like best before booking your car in for its repairs.

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