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If changing gear has suddenly become noisy or difficult, you might need to have your clutch repaired or replaced and AutoAdvisor can bring the best mechanics and garages in your area straight to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the clutch?

The clutch is the component linking your engine to the gearbox and then to the wheels. It’s vital because while your engine is always running, your wheels don’t always need too so you need something to disengage them from each other.

Can a clutch be repaired?

Sometimes. If the clutch plate is worn it’ll need to be replaced, but you might just need to adjust the clutch cable. Your mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem.

What’s a dual mass flywheel?

The DMF is a two-part flywheel which reduces engine vibrations in diesel cars and also reduces the “shunt” when changing gear. The two parts are glued together, but if the glue degrades or fails, you’ll have problems.

How does the clutch work?

The flywheel connects to the engine and the clutch plate connects to the transmission. When you take your foot off the clutch pedal, the flywheel and clutch plate are pressed together, connecting the gearbox to the engine so they spin at the same speed. When you press the clutch pedal, these two components are disconnected so you can change gear.

How long do clutches last?

A clutch is a ‘wear part’, so it’s designed to wear out after a few years. The usual lifespan is around seven years, but lots of aggressive acceleration can shorten it.

What do clutch repairs cost?

The costs vary according to the vehicle and the problem. Clutches aren’t expensive, but the time taken to test, remove and replace them can rack up the costs. This is why it’s important to find the best prices at AutoAdvisor.

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Signs your clutch needs attention

There are several things that can go wrong with a clutch and several symptoms to watch out for.

Strange noises

If you are hearing strange noises like growls or squeals, this can be another sign of a problem with the component, as vibrations within the part would cause such sounds.

If you can hear unusual noises like squealing or even growling, the causes can be excessive vibrations from the clutch components. This can be a cause for concern as you may not be able to drive the car properly and you should book into a garage.

Slipping clutch

This is a common problem and one that can cause performance loss and, if not dealt with in time, damage.

Look out for:

●     The car struggling to move when driving at low speeds in a high gear

●     Struggling up hills in a high gear, and

●     Struggling to accelerate or having problems towing a trailer

Slipping clutches get worse over time and the slippage generates heat between the two shafts, which makes it even harder to maintain a solid grip. The worse the slippage becomes, the more heat is generated, creating a vicious cycle.

A chattering clutch

This “chatter” is felt as a grabbing or juddering through the car while the clutch is engaged.

It can be caused by:

●     A grooved or warped flywheel 

●     Missing or damaged flywheel dowel pins

●     Worn bearing retainers

●     Damaged or worn clutch disc or input shaft splines

●     Broken or distorted drive straps

●     A distorted clutch disc

●     A loose clutch cover, and 

●     Clutch linings getting covered in oil, then becoming burned and lacquered.

Chatter can also be caused by loose or broken engine or transmission mounts, as well as misalignment of the drivetrain and chassis components.

Other causes include worn U-joints, a worn or bent release fork and several other faults which your mechanic can diagnose.

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