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Car Interim Service

A car interim service mainly for cars who cover high miles and the owner would like peace of mind in-between full services to make sure that all fluids are topped up, whilst changing the engine oil.

What is the difference between a full service and interim service?

The main difference is an interim service has half the amount of checks and replacements to a full service and a interim service should be carried out every 6 months on high milage cars, where as a full service should be carried out every year.

What checks will take place in an Interim Service?

Engine oil and filter will be replaced: This is to make sure your engine is running as smoothly as it can, to help engine life and fuel economy.

Antifreeze/ Coolant Check: Checking the strength of the antifreeze is important, as antifreeze stops the water in your engine from freezing in cold weathers but also raises the boiling point to stop it from boiling as well.

Brake Fluid Check: Topping up your brake fluid will reduce the risk of running low and having insufficient fluid to be able to stop your car.

Brake Check: visually inspecting your car brakes is top of the list, as you need to have your brakes in optimum performance to be able to come to a halt in a hurry.

Suspension Check: Looking over your suspension components to check for signs of wear in bushes and leakages from shock absorbers, these are all items which can effect your cars handling and ability to stay on the road.

Lighting Check: Having all your lights is a legal requirement and can lead to points on your license if caught with a bulb out! plus it is always dangerous to be driving without brake lights and also head lights.

Screen wash and wipers: making sure you have enough screen wash and your wipers haven’t split, to be able to clear your screen if it is raining or something interferes with your sight of view.

Tyres and pressures: Keeping on top of your tyres to make sure you have sufficient amount of tread and your tyres are inflated to the correct PSI recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an interim take?

An interim service can take roughly 2 hours to complete.

How much does an Interim service cost?

This depends on vehicle make and age, but prices start at £100.

How do I know if I need a full or interim service?

This will determine when your car was last serviced and what type of service it was. We recommend a full service every year and an interim service every 6 months on high milage cars.

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We strive on making the process for the motorist as easy as possible to find a suitable garage near you to handle to all the complexities of servicing and repairing your vehicle. So no matter whether your car needs a Full service, Major Service or a interim service, Therefore garages are ready to provide competitive quotes and look after your vehicle.

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