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Your engine oil is essential for the running of your car and it’s important to use the best one for your make and model, as well as to keep it fresh and topped up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is engine oil?

Engine oil is vital to the smooth running of your car because it makes sure that many moving parts and components can move freely against and with each other without creating damaging friction and heat.

If your engine oil warning light comes on, you need to take your car to a garage or mechanic to check for leaks and for an oil change.

How long will an oil change take?

Most oil changes are completed within 30 to 45 minutes.

If I don’t top up my engine oil, what will happen?

Your oil is the lubricant that keeps the moving parts in your car… moving! Ignoring the warning light can result in serious damage. This light will start to flash while there’s still enough oil in the engine to last for a while, but it won’t last forever. Driving uses up your oil, but so does a leak and so once that light comes on, you need to book into a garage to check for leaks and to get your oil topped up.

Which oil is best for my car?

There are many different engine oils on the market and so you might be confused when trying to choose one. Your mechanic will advise you, depending on the make and model of your car.

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More about oil changes

The engine oil is the lubricant which allows moving parts to work properly. It also gathers and disperses heat generated by friction so that it doesn’t cause damage over time.

While you’ll see the oil service light come on if your levels get too low, you can sometimes pre-empt this by making sure you have an oil change every 3,000 miles or so. If you use a synthetic oil, you can sometimes get to 10,000 miles before you get that warning.

However, if you live somewhere hot or dusty, you drive your car quite fast a lot of the time or your car is quite old, then you may need an oil change more frequently.

An easy job

While it’s an easy process, it can be messy, as the old oil needs to be drained from the car while the fresh oil is being poured in.

You also need a filter change

It’s vital that your filter is changed alongside your oil as this helps to keep the oil clean and free of debris, which in turn helps it to run throughout the entire system.

The filter catches debris and impurities to keep the oil clean and as such it needs to be removed, cleaned and replaced periodically as it becomes clogged and ineffective. Your mechanic will clean or change the filter as part of the service.

How do I check my car engine oil?

Watch this short video below or “click here” to read a guide to checking your engine oil in 6 easy steps.

There are different types of engine oil

Synthetic motor oil

This oil is the best available as it’s formulated and mixed by engineers and chemists to offer the best performance. These oils will offer you the best lubrication and protection possible.

High-mileage motor oil

Best for older cars, this oil is synthetic but also contains various additives and viscosity promoters which improves burn-off. It also goes someway to sealing leaks and sealing the combustion chamber, which makes engine compression better.

Synthetic blend motor oils

This oil is a blend of conventional and synthetic. It’s recommended for cars, lorries and vans as it’s great for controlling high temperatures.

Conventional motor oil

This oil has lots of grades to choose from that are based on the viscosity. Each blend is best for a particular car, environment and style of driving. Your mechanic can advise you on the best oil for your needs and your car.

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