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The famed British brand of premium 4-Wheel drives, Land Rover is a world-famous brand of Jaguar Land Rover –which was established by the Indian ‘Tata Motors Group’ in 2008, after acquiring the brands at a cost of over $1.5 billion. The manufacturer was set up as a holding company for both the Jaguar Cars  and Land Rover brands, recognised as a wholly owned British subsidiary of the car group giant. Prior to this, the brand belonged to the Rover Group, which has been historically owned by both Ford & BMW. The Land Rover name dates back to 1948 and has since been granted royal warrants in both 1951 and 2001.   Jaguar-Land Rover is internationally recognised for their  robust yet also luxury SUV-Vehicles, with leading brand ‘The Defender’ being re-designed and making its automobile design debut in 2019, after de-commissioned older working models of the same name had been taken out of production (but still remain extremely popular ).  It is common knowledge that Land Rover has grown to be one of the most popular choices for high-end premium adventure and 4×4 vehicles. The brands flawless design, capability, durability and technology – these vehicles are a sure favourite not only in the UK – but internationally! 

There is huge market demand for repairs & servicing for Land Rover, and plenty of providers ready & waiting to meet it! With AutoAdvisor  you’re in the best place to find a specialist to meet your vehicle’s needs. Our user-friendly service provides you with easy to obtain, accurate and transparent quotes- aiming to get your powerhouse back out there ASAP! 

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Our simple & easy to use service will provide you with bespoke quotes from our local network of trusted garages – in 3 simple steps! At AutoAdvisor we work in partnership with garages near you, who have the skills and experience to provide bespoke Land Rover quotes, that can deal with any servicing, repair and maintenance need: 

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  • Discovery exhaust repair or replacement works
  • PLUS many more! 



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Our platform provides all our customers with choice and transparency, allowing you to be confident with who is carrying out the work, and what exactly your quote entails – with Land Rover specialist service providers submitting your quote directly to you. AutoAdvisor is proud to offer a service that allows the quote/booking process to be conducted with maximum transparency, including the costs/stages involved with any ensuing work. Our partnership with OE manufacturers also means that, whenever possible, genuine & authentic  parts are used. 

We aim to provide you with the best chance of securing the Hyundai car service you need – using genuine quality parts from a garage near you!  

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