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Jaguar was founded in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company. As the name suggests, it made motorbike sidecars before turning to cars in the early 1930s. The first Jaguars, the SS Jaguar Salon and the SS Jaguar 100, debuted in 1935.

The company changed its name from SS Cars to Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1945 to avoid any unfortunate associations.

American motor giant Ford acquired Jaguar in 1990 and then in 2008 Indian megacorp Tata bought Jaguar from Ford for £1.7 billion

All Jaguars go through some very harsh climate tests, being hit by -40C winds for 12 hours before having freezing water blown on them to make sure they can cope with whatever the weather throws at them.

It’s not all wind and rain, however, as each vehicle is brushed down with ionised emu feathers (yes, really) to remove all dust particles before it’s painted.

Jaguar sold almost 36,000 units in the UK in 2019 and the company has a UK market share of 1.5%. 

If you’re the proud owner of a Jaguar, you can be sure you’ll want to take it to only the best garages for repairs or servicing. It may also be important to you to find a good price and AutoAdvisor can help you to find the best Jaguar specialist garages near you.

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AutoAdvisor has an easy-to-follow process that brings bespoke Jaguar garage quotes straight to your own AutoAdvisor portal. Each quote will be unique to you and your car because our process involves you describing the problem that you’re having so each Jaguar service centre can diagnose it and work out how much it’ll cost to repair.


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No matter which model you own, we can find professional Jaguar car repair services for you in your area and for reasonable rates.

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AutoAdvisor offers Jaguar drivers like you a service which is easy to use and which finds you the most competitive quotes for repairs and maintenance.

When you have all your quotes, you can review them to pick out the one you like the most and then approach the garage or mechanic directly to arrange the work. If you don’t want to approach any of the garages at all, you don’t have to – our service is entirely free of obligation.

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Every repair centre and mechanic we partner with is experienced and has the skills necessary to offer you all the Jaguar maintenance and repair services you need. 

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Our service is totally free; you simply pay the garage you use for your Jaguar repairs directly. You’ll also know exactly who will be working on your car as each garage compiles and submits its own quotes to the portal.

When you’ve got all of your quotes in your AutoAdvisor portal, you can review them at your leisure so you can pick out the repair shop or mechanic who’s offering you the best deal. Our service is totally free to drivers and vehicle owners, so all you have to do is pay the garage directly for the work when it’s completed. 

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Your Jaguar is a luxury car, but this doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds to take care of it. AutoAdvisor helps you to connect with trustworthy, professional mechanics and garages who will offer you great work at great rates. 

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