AutoAdvisor Continues to offer free subscriptions

Supporting garages & mechanics in these unprecedented times with free access to the AutoAdvisor on-line portal for garages.
Contactless Servicing

With an ever increasing number of people working from home, the web site continues to see a rise in motorists looking for maintenance and mechanical repairs to be carried out and especially at home in a contactless way.  

 As vehicle garages and mechanics have been classed as essential workers, they are allowed to carry on working during the crisis  providing they follow and adhere to, all of the current Government guidelines regarding Covid 19. However, we have seen that many garages have taken the difficult decision to close or run on skeleton staff during these difficult times. AutoAdvisor sees continuous numbers of quote requests being received but a shortage of garages/ mechanics currently open to deal with the demand.

We would like to remind Garages and Mobile mechanics that have remained open, we continue to offer a free no commitment subscription during this crises in order to meet the needs of our customers. Please use the sign up button below to receive quote requests straight to your in-box and access to the on-line portal.