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If you’re having turbocharger problems, such as reduced power, a whining “dentist drill” sound or bluish-white smoke, you’ll need to find an affordable and reliable garage to fix things for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a turbo do in a car?

As your engine runs, it sucks in air through a filter, which is then mixed in with the fuel vapours and ignited. The pressure released through combustion drives the engine forward and the resulting waste gases are expelled through the exhaust. Your turbo uses these expelled gases to drive a turbine and this turbine pushes more air into the engine than would “naturally” go in. This allows your engine to burn more of the air-fuel mixture, which creates more power.

How much do turbo replacement cost?

They can be quite pricey – between £700 and £1,000 or more. You can have individual components replaced, however, which will be cheaper. Your mechanic will advise you after inspection.

What problems are turbos prone to?

Turbos are prone to cracks and leaks, poor lubrication (which damages bearings), damage to the turbo blades by small stones and reduce pressure.

What are the symptoms of turbo problems?

You may see bluish-white smoke, reduced power upon acceleration, a reduced boost and occasionally a dentist’s drill sort of whine when accelerating. There may be difficulty in maintaining high speeds, as well as a warning dashboard light.

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More about your turbocharger 

Car turbochargers used to be associated with high-performance cars and diesel cars, but they’re being used more in petrol cars in a bid to improve performance and efficiency.

Your turbocharger essentially squeezes more power out of the fuel you’ve already used by using the exhaust gases to drive a turbine which brings more air in through the filter. You’ll burn more fuel than you would do otherwise (although you won’t consume more or, crucially, emit more pollutants), which generates more power for the engine.

What are the causes of turbo problems?

There are several causes of turbocharger problems. You may be using the wrong type of engine oil, or not enough of the right sort. Poor quality oil can cause a build-up of carbon deposits and other contaminants which can abrade parts of your turbo.

You may also develop damaged seals, which let oil leak into your exhaust system, which puts excessive demands on the turbo to increase the internal pressure. 

There may be foreign objects – grit, small stones and similar – in the compressor, which will damage your turbo. It’s a good idea to have it checked regularly for this. 

Then, of course, there’s simple wear and tear. Most turbos are designed to last for around 150,000 miles, but it could fail prematurely if you use the wrong oil or drive rather “assertively”.

Finding a reliable garage for your turbo repairs

If you have turbocharger problems then it’s important to find a reliable and fairly-priced garage to fix it for you.

AutoAdvisor can deliver competitive quotes direct from the garages and mechanics themselves. All of the service providers we work with have been reviewed and found to be trustworthy and experienced, as well as affordable.

If you use our service, all you have to do is give us some information about your car and its problems and your location, then we’ll do the rest. Within minutes, you’ll have a number of local quotes to choose from and once you’ve settled on a particular garage or mechanic, you book your car in with them. 

The service is free and the quotes are all no-obligation. Once the work is done, you simply  pay the garage as you would normally – no extra fees or charges whatsoever.

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