Steering & Suspension Repairs

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If you’re having sudden problems with steering, or if your car is shaking more than usual, especially over rougher roads, then you may need your suspension and steering looking at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your car suspension do?

The roads might seem smooth and flawless, but there are many ridges, cambers and dips that you’d really feel if you didn’t have good suspension. The suspension system isn’t just for comfort, though, it’s also important for keeping your tyres in contact with the road, which is vital for cornering and braking.

What do suspension repairs involve?

Most often these repairs fix the shock absorber and sometimes the spring. The shock absorbers take a lot of punishment and their seals can develop leaks, which is the most common repair.

What about power steering problems?

Power steering problems can present as squealing noises on steering, as well as intermittent difficulties in using the steering. You might also notice that your power steering fluid is murky, dark or grey instead of red.

Is a shaking steering wheel a problem?

Yes, but often the cause of the problem is relatively easy to fix. Your wheels may be unbalanced or unaligned, you may need the tracking sorting out, or you could have a power steering issue. An inspection will identify the source of the problem.

How does the suspension work?

Your suspension system is usually made of two components – the spring and the shock absorber. The spring absorbs the actual impact of bumps and the shock absorber in turn absorbers the movement of the spring so you’re not bouncing too much after going over a bump.

What are signs of a failing suspension?

You’ll notice groaning noises as you go over bumps, as well as a lot of bouncing after bumps. You might also experience an uneven ride height, tilting and a definite lack of smoothness.

How much does suspension repair usually cost?

Replacing a shock absorber can cost less than £100, but if the repair involves hydraulic or air-sprung suspension systems, it can run to quite a bit more. You need to head to AutoAdvisor to make sure you’re getting a fair price.

My steering & suspension is faulty!

It can be dangerous to drive your car with faulty shock absorbers, that’s why we have made our system so easy to use, so you can get your shocks fixed as easily as possible.


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Your steering and suspension systems go through a lot

Both systems are constantly in action as you drive, so you need to get yours checked over at least once a year as part of your full service.

There are some common problems associated with the suspension and steering; here they are, with the likely causes.

Your car is leaning to one side

The tyres are worn down

Your steering linkage is worn out or loosened

One brake isn’t releasing properly

Your wheels aren’t aligned

Your tyres have uneven pressure

My car is noisy while cornering

Your steering belt is loose or damaged

Air has leaked into your power steering fluid

Your power steering fluid is low

The steering mounts are loose or damaged

The steering wheel is shaking

You have damaged brake rotors or drums

The lug nuts on the wheels are loose

The wheel and tyre assembly isn’t quite right

You have loose steering linkage

The wheels are bent or damaged

The tyres are worn or damaged

The steering wheel is hard to turn

You have low tyre pressure

Your wheels are unaligned

The power steering, the box, or the pump is damaged

The power steering fluid is low

The power steering drive belt is damaged

Your steering gear needs lubrication

Your suspension system has front and rear shock absorbers

If you need to repair your rear shock absorbers, you’ll probably need to have the coil springs replaced as once they’ve failed there’s nothing that can be done to replace them. Most often, your mechanic will replace the front and rear absorbers as this takes care of most issues.

Shock absorbers are relatively cheap parts to buy, so you shouldn’t have too much of a shock (ahem) when you see the repair bill. However, as with any expense, it’s always best to shop around first and if you can take your pick from trusted and expert garages, then that’s even better.

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