Electrical System Faults

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Your car’s electrical system isn’t just the flashing lights on your dashboard and the infotainment, there’s so much more hidden away under the bonnet and in lots of other parts of your car.

Your car can’t run if its electronics aren’t running properly.

There’s lots of potential for problems with your electrics because there’s so many of them. You could have battery problems in winter, corroded spark plugs after you’ve done a certain number of miles…

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The signs of electrical problems in cars

While lots of things can go wrong with your electrical systems, it doesn’t mean you’re helpless. You can stay alert for the signs of impending issues and get yourself to one of AutoAdvisor’s recommended garages to fix the issue before it becomes serious.

If you’re aware of a problem developing, then you can book into a garage in good time, preventing the problem from becoming bigger, more serious and more expensive. It’ll also keep you, your passengers and other road users safer, as a major electrical failure while you’re on the motorway or a busy road is very bad news.

The signs that your electrics are failing

  • You’re having strange battery behaviour; it feels like it’s “on the Fritz”
  • Your headlights are dimming and/or suddenly brightening
  • Your fuses seem to have a short lifespan
  • Your engine seems to struggle to start up sometimes
  • There’s sometimes a burning metal or plastic smell, and
  • There are intermittent problems with electrical systems like the power steering, the windows or the stereo.

How much do electrical repairs cost?

The range of prices is wide, as there are so many different components that can go wrong – cheap and not so cheap.

On average, all types of repair considered, you can expect to pay around £60 and there’s not much difference between makes and models. AutoAdvisor can find you the best deals in your area. You need to create an AutoAdvisor account, fill out your details and give a description of the issues you’re having and we can find you great local quotes to choose from.

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