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A car breakdown can be troublesome, frustrating, and expensive. That makes our AutoAdvisor service even more important. We offer no-obligation quotes from Wakefield garages near you whenever you need them most.

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Get quotes from local garages in 3 easy steps.

No Upfront Payment

You do not pay a penny until the work is complete and your car is ready to go.

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Compare Prices from your local garages, Quickly & Easily all in one place and then choose the garage that offer can best meet your needs.

Facts about Wakefield

Wakefield is just to the right of the M1, so it is easy enough to make the journey to the South Yorkshire Transport Museum from there. Wakefield itself doesn’t have a strong history of cars or manufacturing, but there are plenty of modern services and garages in Wakefield you can call on if you ever need to.

How to use AutoAdvisor

We’ve made things as easy as possible for you. We’ve created one online form that requires a few details from you. Once that’s done, we handle the rest. You don’t need to call anyone unless you decide to take up a garage on their quote for a car repair in Wakefield.


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Our service is refreshingly easy to use

Our form can be submitted online in seconds. You are then free to get on with your day. We’ll contact garages in Wakefield for the quotations you want. Those quotes will then be sent to your online portal at AutoAdvisor.

Get quotes from the best garages near you

Finding quotes usually involves multiple phone calls, being left on hold… you get the idea. It’s frustrating at times. Do it the AutoAdvisor way and we handle it all for you. You’ll soon have multiple car repair in Wakefield quotes to sift through.

You decide what happens next

If you’ve found somewhere better, you’re not obliged to choose any quote we find for you. You can use our service whenever you like and it’s free to do so.

The easiest way to find the best mechanic for your needs.

Start by entering your registration to receive quotes!


Do I need to pick one of the quotes you find for me?

No – there is never any obligation to say yes to a quotation from any of the garages in Wakefield who provide quotes via our portal. Your details are not passed on to them either, so there are no phone calls to worry about.

AutoAdvisor must cost something though?

No – we charge nothing to people looking for a reliable car repair in Wakefield. Your portal is here for you whenever you need it, and it is free 24/7 throughout the year.

My car has something wrong with it, but I don’t know what the issue might be. What should I do?

The best bet is to explain this on the form. Give as much information as possible. In many cases, a Wakefield garage will quote you for running diagnostic tests to get to the bottom of the issue.