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That sinking feeling you get when you realise that your car needs work doing to it is, in part, down to the thought of phoning lots of garages and repeating the same story several times over until you find someone who can fix your wheels for a reasonable price. AutoAdvisor takes the sting out of this process by bringing the garages straight to your inbox.

Simple and easy

Get quotes from local garages in 3 easy steps.

No Upfront Payment

You do not pay a penny until the work is complete and your car is ready to go.

Compare and Chose

Compare Prices from your local garages, Quickly & Easily all in one place and then choose the garage that offer can best meet your needs.

Facts about Leatherhead

Leatherhead joined the UK’s motorway system in 1986 when the M25 was being built. The town is on Junction 9, which has non-aligned entry and exit points on both sides and is infamous for its motorway traffic jams.

The town is located next to Stane Street, which is an old Roman road which ran from London to the South Coast. Most of this road has been built on now, or has been greened over and used as footpath areas.

The Running Horse pub in Leatherhead dates back to 1403 and it’s believed that Queen Elizabeth I stayed there for a night when a flooded River Mole made her travel impossible.

Find a great Leatherhead garage in just minutes

Rather than phoning and googling for hours, have Leatherhead garages and mechanics come to you by creating your free AutoAdvisor account and telling us what you need.

How Easy Is AutoAdvisor To Use?


Enter your registration

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How the AutoAdvisor service works 

When you have your account, you’ll also have a quotes portal so that garages and mechanics can send their quotes straight to you. The benefit of garages getting in touch directly is that you’ll have a selection of transparent and accurate quotes to choose from.

You can use AutoAdvisor wherever you are in the UK

You don’t have to be living in Leatherhead to use AutoAdvisor for reliable local garages. We have partner garages and mechanics UK-wide, so we can find the best fit for you no matter where you are when you need the repairs.

You decide which garage you want to use

Once your quotes are in, you can review them and decide which Leatherhead garage you’d like to go to. Simply call or email the garage directly once you’re ready to book your car in.

The easiest way to find the best mechanic for your needs.

Start by entering your registration to receive quotes!


Are the quotes from the Leatherhead garages no-obligation?

Yes; totally free from obligation. If you don’t want to use any of the suggested Leatherhead garages then you don’t have to take things any further.

Can I still use your service if I don’t choose one of your quotes?

If you occasionally decide to go with another garage that’s fine. We’ll be here for you if you need us in the future.

How much does your service cost?

Our service is free to drivers. When your Leatherhead garage has got your car back on the road, you just pay them as you would normally.

Can I use AutoAdvisor if I don’t know what’s wrong with my car?

In the same way as you’d describe the problems you’re having over the phone to (lots of) garages, you can describe the problem (once) on your contact form. The garages might be able to tell what the problem is from the format if not, they’ll add the costs of any diagnostic tests to your quote from the start.