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When your car needs repairs or replacement parts, you might dread the prospect of phoning around garages to look for a garage that can carry out the work well and without breaking the bank. AutoAdvisor can source great quotes from Kingswinford garages in a matter of minutes.

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Facts about Kingswinford

Kingswinford is a small town in the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley. The town is around 8km south west of central Dudley and has a population of around 25,000.

Two Kingswinford citizens had a hand in founding America! Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of the town travelled to the early American colonies in 1627 on what’s believed to have been the second Atlantic crossing of the Mayflower.

In the late 13th century, Kingswinford was a source of coal, with several mines recorded in the area. There’s also records of iron ore being mined in the 17th century.

You could find car repairs in Kingswinford in minutes

Don’t bother phoning around garages and mechanics, telling the same story over and over again! Head straight to AutoAdvisor and fill out our online form – once rather than lots of times – and Kingswinford garages will come straight to you.

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How the AutoAdvisor service works for motorists

You’ll need to set up your free AutoAdvisor account, which gives you access to your own quotes portal. When you’re looking for garages in Kingswinford, simply give us some details about your location, your car and the problems it’s having and our partner garages in the area will compile quotes and send them directly to your portal.

AutoAdvisor can help you wherever you are

You don’t have to be a living in Kingswinford to look for garages there. If you’re visiting or working in the town you can still use AutoAdvisor to find the reliable and reasonably-priced garages or mechanics in Kingswinford. All we need is your current location, whether it’s your hometown or not, and we’ll connect you to our UK-wide network.

You decide which garage you want to use

Once all your quotes are in, you can review them to decide which one works best for you. You then simply contact the garage directly yourself to book your car in.

The easiest way to find the best mechanic for your needs.

Start by entering your registration to receive quotes!


Are my quotes from the Kingswinford garages no-obligation?

Yes, totally free from obligation. You don’t need to take things any further with the garages we connect you to if you don’t like any of the quotes. You can always come back to AutoAdvisor in the future, though, as we’ll be here whenever you need us.

How much does AutoAdvisor cost?

Nothing! We’re 100% free to motorists and you don’t pay anything extra to the garage you take your car to, either.

Can I still use AutoAdvisor if I don’t know what the problem with my car is?

Yes. You should describe the problem in as much detail as possible on our online form, as the garage might be able to identify the issue and be ready to fix it before you even get there. If they can’t diagnose the problem and need to run some tests, then the costs of these tests will be included in your quote right from the start.