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How do you find garages in Derby? Do you make endless phone calls, waiting on hold, trying to find competitive quotes? If so, the AutoAdvisor team has a new and improved method for you to use.

Simple and easy

Get quotes from local garages in 3 easy steps.

No Upfront Payment

You do not pay a penny until the work is complete and your car is ready to go.

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Compare Prices from your local garages, Quickly & Easily all in one place and then choose the garage that offer can best meet your needs.

Facts about Derby

Derby is home to one of the UK’s most famous race tracks… Donington Park. Situated at Castle Donington, the site offers two tracks – the 2.48-mile GP circuit and the national circuit, which is just under two miles.

Most visitors to and residents of Derby won’t be racing around in their cars, of course. Sensible driving means taking care of your vehicle with regular servicing and the occasional car repair in Derby when required.

How to get a competitive car repair in Derby

We promised you a new method to use. Here it is – complete our easy form now and submit it at the click of a mouse. We’ll do the bit everyone hates – contacting the Derby garages to find the quotes you’re after.

Using our smart online portal

All the quotes for your car repair in Derby are going to arrive in our accessible portal, ready for you to glance over. Then the ball is in your court, so you can see which of the many garages in Derby to use. 


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No matter where you live, we’ll find you competitive quotations for whatever type of car repair in Derby you need. All the work you hate when hunting down Derby garages is handled by us.

100% control… always

When you use the AutoAdvisor service, you’ll always be in control of what happens. The garages never get your details, so you only need to read through the information on each quote to decide whether it’s worth going ahead.

The easiest way to find the best mechanic for your needs.

Start by entering your registration to receive quotes!


If I use your service, will I be required to choose a quote?

No – there is no requirement to do anything at AutoAdvisor. Our portal is here to help rather than putting demands on you.

What will I be charged by AutoAdvisor?

Nothing – it’s free to use our service if you’re looking for a car repair in Derby. If you decide one of the quotes that we find for you is ideal for your needs, you will arrange payment with your selected garage once they have finished the work.

I have no idea what’s wrong with my car

Not to worry – just explain as best you can by using our form. If the garage cannot provide a quote for a specific fault, they’ll probably give you a quote for diagnostic tests to find out what is wrong.