Ring RPPL700 Lithium Professional Jump Starter Test & Review

Ring RPPL700 Lithium Professional Jump Starter

Price: £249.95 Inc VAT

Where to buy: https://www.expresscarparts.co.uk/product/ring-rppl700/

Overall Opinion: Highly Rated, Basic functions mean anyone can work out how to operate the unit and a major plus side is that you don’t have to charge it very often.

Overview of the Lithium Professional Jump Starter

The Ring RPPL700 Lithium Professional Jump Starter is ideal for petrol vehicles up to 8.0L and diesel vehicles up to 6.0L, such as motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, vans, commercial vehicles and boats. 

The RPPL700 has a tough build with rubber moulding and is 75% lighter than an equivalent lead acid jump starter, making it more mobile and ideal for being used frequently in a workshop. 

Under normal conditions, with a fully functioning alternator, if the jump starter is fully charged before use, leaving the clamps connected to the vehicle will recharge the jump starter from the vehicle alternator in around 60 seconds.

How we conducted our tests

We started off by sourcing a flat/ dead car battery and fitting it to our test vehicle. to doubly make sure the battery was actually flat, we left the lights on and tried turning the engine over, As expected, nothing happened.

So we were also able to test the RPPL700’s self recharge function, we tested our alternator before our live test to make sure that we had a good, strong alternator which we certainly do, our alternator was working perfectly, chucking out 14.2V.

We then started our live testing on the vehicle where we attached the professional jump starter to the battery, taking note that we had the green light on the unit to show we had connected the unit up to the correct terminals and it was ready to jump our little Citroen Nemo into life.

We turned the key and away it went, without any hesitation from the Ring RPPL700. We then turned our focus to the self recharge capabilities to see if it could actually recharge itself within the 60 seconds Ring stated. Which quite impressively it showed the unit was fully recharged within 55 seconds.

Final Verdict

Having seen and used many Jump Starters over the years going back to my college days where all the batteries in the place were either dead or not the correct rating for the motorbike we are trying to get started. I have never come across something so easy to use. The old jump starters were always too heavy to hold or place somewhere secure for any period of time while you were able to connect up to the terminals and then crank the engine over to get the engine going. Whereas the Ring RPPL700 is robust enough to survive a drop and light enough to hold for some time without your arm feeling like it’s going to fall off.

As to the self recharge capabilities, this is a serious plus side for the unit as there is nothing more annoying than having a lead acid jump pack sat on the side deteriorating and losing charge without even using it, Whereas you can charge a lithium battery and 9 months later it still has the same amount of charge. I have had this unit for a month now and jump started a few cars and always left the unit attached to the car for 60 seconds afterwards and never used the docking station.

I would highly recommend this unit to any professional garage to have in the workshop in case of emergency and for £250, it fits within the price range of normal lead acid jump pack but has many more advantages to it.