Garages: Why Sign Up?

AutoAdvisor is designed for the trade, by the trade with over 30 years experience within the car industry. Take time consuming and expense out of advertising yourself to obtain new customers and leave it to AutoAdvisor. Our team strive on getting quality customers leads to your business. Local customers for local garages helps to maintain quality customer leads for you to quote for. All our leads to you, the garage customer will be within a given area.

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AutoAdvisor Trade Launch:
As part of an exclusive trade launch offer, every garage that signs up will not initially pay any subscription fees or even give any payment details. Subscription fees are not payable until after the web site is not only fully launched but the garage has also received a full six-month free subscription. We do not charge any commission on completed jobs.  During the trade launch, garages are still able to gain access to the AutoAdvisor portal, create a profile and familiarise themselves with how they will receive, quote and manage repair requests. Following the trade launch and a six month free period, the cost for a premium membership is £275 per year.

How To Sign Up:
Easy, All you need to do is click on the “6 Months Free” button above and fill out your garage profile to get started. We will send you a notification when AutoAdvisor is fully launched. You’ll then have a great opportunity to increase your work load.


Additional benefits of being an AutoAdvisor member:

Payment Assist:

Helping to increase sales and win new business by spreading your customers’ cost with Payment Assist. Payment Assist provides an interest free and no fee offering to your customers over an affordable 4-payment plan designed to spread the cost of unexpected repair or maintenance bills. Speak to our AutoAdvisor team to find out more, sign up for free and get started.


“Everything a professional workshop needs to service, diagnose and repair modern motor vehicles”

With modern vehicles becoming more complex, the need for comprehensive technical information in your workshop is more important than ever. Without the correct up-to-date technical information, not even a straightforward service can be considered straightforward. From selecting the correct grade of oil and resetting service indicators, to comprehensive guides for replacing timing belts and chains – access to technical data is a daily necessity for just about every workshop. Technical information is now available in the AutoAdvisor garage portal. Every AutoAdvisor member receives an initial 14 day free trial, but also receives a £20 discount off their annual subscription, meaning you have a full month for free!! If you would like to sign up, please speak to one of the AutoAdvisor team or click here to start your 14 day free trial: