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What is a full service?

A full service or full car service is a series of checks and inspections carried out, usually on vehicles that continuously do high milage, but most commonly your cars milage and age determines if you need a full service or not. Every modern vehicle has its on set of servicing schedules which can be found in the vehicles owners manual. The owners manual will determine what checks and replacements should be carried out at the various mile markers and vehicle age

What is carried out in a full car service?

When your cars going into a local garage for a full service, they will print out a check sheet of what is stated to be replaced and check at your vehicles milage. (see image below). This sheet will give guidance to the mechanic who will carry out the procedure, the mandatory replacements are the engine oil filter and engine oil. Other mandatory checks will be checking the timing belt and auxiliary belts, tyre pressures + wear, wiper blades and fluid levels. A full service is the most common service to have carried out on your car to keep it in optimum condition. We have compiled a list of data displayed below that shows what is usually checked in a full service.

Full Car Service Checks & Replacements

Renew the engine oilFuel system: check the hoses, lines and electrical connectionsCheck the brake fluid level; top up if necessary
Renew the oil filterCheck the exhaust systemCheck the brake pad thickness; front
Renew the air filterCooling system: check for leaks. Check the level and anti-freeze strengthCheck the operation of the front brake pad wear indicator
Check the condition of the timing beltCooling system: check the condition of the hoses and connectionsCheck the brake pad thickness; rear
Check the condition of the ancillary drive beltCV joint boots: check for damage and leaksCheck/adjust the handbrake
Renew the spark plugs (petrol)Check the steering assembly for damage, leaks and wearCheck the brake lines, hoses and connections for leaks and damage
Check the tread depth and wear pattern on all the tyres, including the spareCheck the tyre pressures; adjust if necessarySuspension: check for damage and wear
Renew the dust and pollen filterCheck the windscreen wipers and washing systemCheck the lighting system and horn functions

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of parts will garages use on my car?

AutoAdvisor is proudly sponsored by OE brands, so we always recommend our network of garages use OE branded parts on every car. This enables your car to be serviced to dealer quality levels.

What sort of garages will I receive quotes from?

You will only receive quotes from garages in your area, who are highly skilled in completing a Full Service on your car.

Whats the difference between a full and interim service?

A Full service is usually carried out on cars that do high milage and has more checks. A interim service is usually carried out on cars that travel shorter distances and therefore encores less checks.

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