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What is an engine oil change?

An engine oil change, is the most basic version of a engine service. All you do is replace the old, used engine oil with new oil. Just because its a more basic service, doesn’t mean its not important! changing your engine oil regularly is proven to keep your engine healthy and improve fuel economy.

Why is car oil change so important?

Getting your car oil changed regularly keeps your engine healthy, as engine oil acts as a lubricant to your engine, but also a coolant to disperse heat away from engine components. After many miles of driving, your oil gets beaten and starts to break down, once this happens, your oil cannot clean, lubricate and cool your engine like it once could.

How do I check my car engine oil?

Watch this short video below or click here to read a guide to checking your engine oil in 6 easy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does car engine oil last for?

Depending on what grade of oil you have in your car, most oils require changing every 10,000 miles. But more modern oils can last up to 20,000 miles. But we recommend always changing at 10,000 miles to keep your car engine in optimum condition

What if my cars oil light comes on?

If your engine oil light comes on, we recommend stopping when safe and checking your dipstick to make sure you have sufficient oil in your engine, before carrying on your journey.

What happens if my engine has the wrong grade of oil in it?

This is not recommended as all engines have tolerances of grades of oil and if the wrong grade has been used, it cannot clean, lubricate and cool your engine efficiently. Prolonged use will deteriorate vital components in your engine.

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We are transparent as to which garage you have received quotes from and therefore which centre you could potentially take your car to. Knowing the potential garages who would be working on your car, allows you to make a choice of the best garage to suit your requirements. Be careful not all websites allow you this choice of garage and offer the same level of transparency.

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