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Most Audi’s will need to have a full service once a year or every 12,000 miles. However, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to an Audi Service, as every car is different. Each manufacturer has a recommended service schedule for its cars; check your owner’s manual for guidance, As it may need a full service, interim service or major service.

Audi Service Centre:

All Audi Service centres will follow your cars service guide and will stamp your service book as proof that everything required for your service mileage has been ticked and followed correctly, giving you the customer piece of mind that your car is in road worthy condition and everything has been serviced or repaired to your owners manual.

Large Numbers of Audi repair garages use an OE Filter which they purchase from a worthy local car parts supplier or they buy the original from a Audi Dealer.

You then decide which Garage or Mechanic offers the best price and service for you , then book your car in and receive the best service from an independent garage or mobile mechanic. Your Choice Your Car.

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Audi Repairs:

Audi Cars are renowned for there durability and style amongst the market, while creating a stylish affordable range of cars, no matter if you are driving an A1 or an RS6, they all share the same pedigree and are built with precise cutting edge technology which makes them stand out in the field.

They have many benefits to them which include balanced driving, craftsmanship and of course the well know Quattro system. 

With all this technology and craftsman’s ship Audi have used, they still need to be maintained and loved by their owner. Thats why we always recommend you to stick to Audi’s service schedule. 

Audi Specialist Mechanics:

AutoAdvisor have a selection of well trained mechanics for you to choose from, so no matter if you need a full service, timing belt replacement or brake pads change, we have a mechanic that can assist and cater for your needs.

Frequently asked Questions

When Should I Service My Audi?

Audi offer 2 different service intervals, Fixed (9,000 miles/1 year) and Flexible (18,000 miles/2 years).

What is the difference between the two servicing types?

Fixed Schedule: For the low mileage driving who drive regularly on short journeys.
Flexible Schedule: For high mileage driving on motorways and main roads.

Why should I change my brake fluid?

Over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture naturally from the atmosphere. If the brake fluid absorbs too much moisture, it cannot withstand as much heat from the brakes, causing increased stopping distances and worst case brake failure.

Should I change my transmission oil?

Audi recommends changing your transmission oil every 38,000 miles, as your transmission oil plays a vital role in keeping your transmission lubricated and cool, to be able to function at optimum performance.

How much is does an Audi Service cost?

Audi repair costs do vary across model range and area location. The table below shows average costs for various job types, but please request a quote from your local Audi specialist to get an accurate price.

Service TypePriceGet Quotes
Audi A1 Full Service£143.86Get Quotes
Audi A3 Full Service£160.67Get Quotes
Audi A4 Full Service£156.32Get Quotes
Audi A6 Full Service£183.24Get Quotes

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